Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Massage & Body Treatments at Body Essential Salon in Liverpool Street Area, East London

At Body Essential, we provide a variety of specialist body treatments, each one tailored to your specific needs – covering everything from aches and pains to stressed, tired and dehydrated bodies. 

You can choose from the following treatments;

  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Relaxing & Hydrating Body Treatments
  • Detoxifying & Cellulite eliminating Body Treatments

With the help of our dedicated massage therapists, combined with the most advanced professional skincare products, a body treatment at Body Essential is guaranteed to nourish, rejuvenate and dramatically improve your well-being, all within a relaxing environment.

Dermalogica Body Treatments

Using Dermalogica, we customise therapeutic treatments to meet your individual needs. Designed to calm and relax, de-stress or detox, invigorate or revitalise, there is a treatment to suit you.

Body Polish | 30 mins £35

Mineral sea salt scrub enriched with fruit enzymes and seaweed to invigorate the body and remove dead skin cells by gently brushing and buffing the skin complete with a relaxing body moisturiser.

Hydrating Wrap | 1hr £60

This is perfect for all clients, especially those suffering from dry, dehydrated skin and mild sun exposure. It delivers deep hydration in its cooling gel form.

Detox Wrap | 1hr £50

A deeply detoxifying wrap that helps to add minerals to the body. A must for all clients living a hectic lifestyle in polluted environments.

Life-Saving Back Treatment | 1hr £55

A facial for the back, includes cleanse, scrub, steam, extractions (if needed), tone, back masque and relaxing mini massage.

Swedish Massage with Hot Stones

Swedish massage: Relaxing & soothing, relieves muscular aches, pains & improves skin tone.

For Women  
Full body 1hr £57
Back, neck & shoulders  30 mins £32 
For Men  
Back, neck & shoulders 30 mins £32