2018 Beauty Predictions – All You Need to Know

Top Beauty Trends For 2018 | Body Essential Hair & Beauty Salon near Liverpool Street, East London

At Harmony Hair & Beauty Salon in East London we like to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not! If like us, you love the start of a new year and can’t wait to see what styles and trends it’s going to bring, check out our top beauty predictions for the year ahead… 


2018 Beauty Trend #1|Reduce Stress With a Relaxing Massage

Relax and unwind in 2018 and start the year with a as stress relieving massage. Cold weather can cause the body to become tense, resulting in decreased circulation. Good circulation is vital to having bright and healthy skin. So why not ease tension and soothe aches and pains with a Hot Stone Massage or Swedish Massage experience?

2018 Beauty Trend #2|Have Regular Facials

Facial treatments to help balance the skin can restore balance and give you brighter, more glowing looking skin. Choose from a deep cleansing facial that will leave your skin feeling energised and smooth. Or microdermabrasion facials that work to remove old, dead skin cells leaving you with fresher, younger looking skin.

2018 Beauty Trend #3 | Beautifully Manicured Nails 

Say goodbye to chipped, smudged or broken nails in 2018 –  Our skilled team of beauty therapists are nail experts, and use only the best professional brands including O.P.I and and CND Shellac. Whether you want a traditional mani-pedi or something truly unique, we can give you the nails you’ve always dreamed of at our beauty salon in Liverpool Street, East London.

2018 Beauty Trend #4: Red Lips & a Touch of Lip Gloss

A key beauty trend for 2018 is to add definition and colour to your lips – try applying a layer or two of red lipstick to your lips and top it up with a slick of gloss for an on-trend look.

2018 Beauty Trend #5: Book Your Appointment at Body Esential Hair & Beauty Salon in East London

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