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At our beauty salon in East London our beauty professionals offer Manicures and Pedicures for men and women in our Nail Bar and will have your hands and nails looking beautiful in no time!

CND Shellac at Top East London Beauty Salon

cnd-shellac-nail-body essential beauty salon east londonAre you looking for a long-lasting nail polish that remains perfect for up to two weeks? At Body Essential Beauty Salon in East London, we offer the fantastic CND Shellac polish.

CND Shellac is a revolutionary colour system for nails which gives you 14-day wear, non-chip, non-smudge, zero dry time, high gloss mirror finish for your nails. This nail treatment will not damage your natural nails and once your nails have been manicured, the polish will be set under a UV lamp giving you long lasting wear.

Often mistaken for a gel polish, CND Shellac has similar qualities but actually sits between a gel and a polish. With care, your nails might even remain perfect for up to three weeks!

Luxury Manicures & Pedicures

Our clients agree that we are the best beauty salon for manicures and pedicures in East London. Our team have the skills and experience to deliver expert nail services for your fingers and toes. 

Give your hands and feet a treat with our pampering nail services. Regular mani’s and pedi’s help to keep nails and skin in good condition while the soothing massage included in your service helps to relieve tension and stimulate circulation.

Top Tips for Beautiful Looking Nails

There’s nothing worse than having spent an age perfectly applying your nail polish only to notice that it is smudged or chipped moments later! The nail technicians in East London at Body Essential bring you their top tips and suggestions on how to keep your nails healthy and looking flawless!

  1. Stop biting and nibbling your nails! This is the most common reason why nail varnish becomes chipped and messy looking
  2. Avoid spraying excess perfumes or sprays as they can sometimes contain the same ingredients as nail polish remover! Hair sprays contain harsh ingredients that can cause the lacquer on your nails to come off
  3. Suntan lotions will soften nail polish and can even dissolve acrylic nails
  4. Wear gloves while doing chores – many household cleaners will contain acetone which strips the nails of polish
  5. Hot showers and excessive bathing can cause nails to become soft which can result in nail varnish peeling off

Book Your Nail Appointment at Body Essential Hair & Beauty Salon in East London

Whether you want a traditional mani-pedi or something truly unique, we can give you the nails you’ve always dreamed of at our beauty salon in Liverpool Street, East London.

Give us a call on 020 7426 0622 / 020 7426 0644 to book in for your manicure, pedicure or nail service at your local hair & beauty salon in East London. We also offer traditional beauty treatments such as facials and body massage plus non-surgical Crystal Clear COMCIT Facial Treatments.


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