Crystal Clear Facial Treatments

  without mask with mask
Single treatment face £50 £65
Course of 3 £140 £185
Course of 6 £250 £325
Single treatment back £60 £75

Crystal Clear COMCIT

The most intense skin rejuvenation treatment yet .Treat skin concerns such as anti-ageing acne -prone skin , smooth lines and wrinkles , helps repair sun-damage. During your Comcit course, you can return to your normal life style immediately with no downtime or interruption to your daily routine. Click here to read more.

Crystal Clear anti-ageing single treatment |  1h  £ 85 
Crystal Clear anti-ageing course of 6 (pay for 5) | £425 
COMCIT combined with Microdermabrasion  1h 15m  | £ 100
COMCIT combined with Microdermabration course of 6 (pay for 5) | £500

Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy 

Is a sophisticated treatment that delivery pulsated oxygen and skin restructuring activities deep into the epidermis , where skin elasitits and firmeness begin. Highly anti bactrterial effective on acne-prone skin.

Oxygen Therapy  1h | £65